The Tariff Commission shall be the principal and independent authority on tariff and trade remedy measures to enhance industry competitiveness and promote consumer welfare.


The Tariff Commission, a key adviser to the executive and legislative branches of government on tariff and related matters, an independent adjudicatory body on trade remedy cases, and an advocate of a culture of fair competition, remains committed to the pursuit of good and effective governance. In the conduct of public hearings and consultations, we commit ourselves to balance with objectivity the interests of our stakeholders, including consumers.

The Commission remains committed to investigate and adjudicate trade remedy cases in an expeditious and judicious manner. Where our competence in tariff commitments is required in relation to international trade, we work harmoniously with other agencies in promoting the national interest.

We endeavor to secure the best for our staff, to hone their skills and develop to the fullest their potentials even as we instill in them the values of honesty, dignity and the pride inherent in working for country and people.

The Tariff Commission discharges its duties and responsibilities with utmost competency and efficiency as a model of excellence and integrity in government service.