Sec. 1608.  Flexible Clause

Flexible Clause. – (a) In the interest of general welfare and national security, and subject to the limitations prescribed under this Act, the President, upon the recommendation of the NEDA, is hereby empowered to:

(1) Increase, reduce, or remove existing rates of import duty including any necessary change in classification. The existing rates may be increased or decreased to any level, in one or several stages, but in no case shall the increased rate of import duty be higher than a maximum of one hundred percent (100%) ad valorem;

(2) Establish import quotas or ban imports of any commodity, as may be necessary; and

(3) Impose an additional duty on all imports not exceeding ten percent (10%) ad valorem whenever necessary: Provided, That upon periodic investigations by the Commission and recommendation of the NEDA, the President may cause a gradual reduction of rates of import duty granted in Section 1611 of this Act, including those subsequently granted pursuant to this section.

(b) Before any recommendation is submitted to the President by the NEDA pursuant to the provisions of this section, except in the imposition of an additional duty not exceeding ten percent (10%) ad valorem, the Commission shall conduct an investigation and shall hold public hearings wherein interested parties shall be afforded reasonable opportunity to be present, to produce evidence and to be heard. The Commission shall also hear the views and recommendations of any government office, agency, or instrumentality. The Commission shall submit its findings and recommendations to the NEDA within thirty (30) days after the termination of the public hearings.

(c) The power of the President to increase or decrease rates of import duty within the limits fixed in subsection (a) hereof shall include the authority to modify the form of duty. In modifying the form of duty, the corresponding ad valorem or specific equivalents of the duty with respect to imports from the principal competing foreign country for the most recent representative period shall be used as basis.

(d) Any order issued by the President pursuant to the provisions of this section shall take effect thirty (30) days after promulgation, except in the imposition of additional duty not exceeding ten percent (10%) ad valorem which shall take effect at the discretion of the President.

(e) The power delegated to the President as provided for in this section shall be exercised only when Congress is not in session.

(f) The power herein delegated may be withdrawn or terminated by Congress through a joint resolution.

The NEDA shall promulgate rules and regulations necessary to carry out the provisions of this section.